Not even a single attempt

Rage Story - Not even a single attempt - Not even a single attempt

Sometimes you gotta watch out and spot things before they develop into something bad. Just like this time. Watch our stud here keep an eye on his girlfriend. As soon as he sees her launching an online messenger on her computer with a clear intention to chat with his brother, he does not waste a second. He knows they might as well be plotting to have sex! Before she knows, he nails her cool hard, pushing all thoughts of infidelity out with his throbbing dick. She knew she deserved that, so she welcomed every thrust however hard!

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Remember that dryer, bitch?

Rage Story - Remember that dryer, bitch? - Remember that dryer, bitch?

Even most trifle things can carry the weight of memories. The yuppie remembered his brother, a hairdresser, sending him out to fix a hair dryer and get it on with his girlfriend just too well. Imagine him seeing his gf use the damn thing one day! Details filled his mind, he flew into a rage and pulled out his punishing cock! The guilty promiscuous slut knew it was all her fault, so however solid it got, she obeyed his will and took rock solid cock from every angle. He taught her never to use the damn thing again!

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Music gave the guilty Tanya away

Rage Story - Music gave the guilty Nautica away - Music gave the guilty Tanya away

Our chick is back home after a stiff day at the office. Exhausted, he's pleased to have his pretty girlfriend around. What a great way to get cheered up! She talks carelessly and puts some music on. All seems to be leading to a sweet homely evening, but hey! It dawns upon our dude that this is the CD he gave to his brother. No way! She fucked him, that's for sure. Mad with anger, he punishes her with some raw fucking including her first time anal boning ever. She's ashamed like hell and takes every thrust like a deserved punishment!

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That picture again, you bitch!

Rage Story - That picture again, you bitch! - That picture again, you bitch!

What would you say and do if you found a dirty picture of your own girlfriend with another man in your flat? How about finding the same photo but with a worse story behind it? When the fellow saw the picture of her with a man, the very picture his brother used to blackmail and fuck her, it was just too much to handle. The skank had to get her punishment! The chap literally wrecked her guilty pussy so rocklike she wouldn't be able to think about infidelity for long. See her serve like the good girl she is, knowing she was to blame!

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No more parties for you, Anita

Rage Story - No more parties for you, bitch - No more parties for you, Anita

They did not have any specific plans for that night. And there she is, showing up happy and excited, saying there's a party. Apparently his brother gave her the flyers. Those yuppies still had something going on. He could not but help remembering this last time. A party ended with her and his brother having sex! This was too much for him to handle. She could not go to the party because he gave her a punishment fuck so stiff she could barely walk. Ashamed, she took it all almost willingly. And she never complained – some great guilt manipulation here!

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