Perverted dildo interview (Totally Undressed)

Perverted dildo interview (Totally Undressed)
Perverted dildo interview.

Strapon Tales Clip

Strapon Tales - Keith and Arnold cool strapon action
Strapon Tales.

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Strapon Tales – Aubrey & Fred great strapon action

Strapon Tales - Aubrey & Fred great strapon action
Strapon Tales – Aubrey & Fred great strapon action.

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Too easy to accept a gift

Rage Story - Too easy to accept a gift - Too easy to accept a gift

Look at this beauty, home from work and looking good in this business casual. You know the feeling when she looks good but there's something wrong about this good? This is exactly the feeling our man had here. Don't remember this shirt, he says. Careless, she tells him his brother bought her the thing. The bastard! And what a bitch! He boils with rage, as if he's not buying her enough stuff! For that, he has to take the punishment. It was his long time fantasy to have her lick his balls as he wrecks her mouth with some really raw pounding. He felt he had the right to do it, and she felt the same way, stupid whore!

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It’s all about the shirt

Rage Story - It's all about the shirt - It's all about the shirt

We know many girls like men's shirts and many even wear them. But sometimes this can bring trouble! Check out the hapless girl here letting her secret lover's shirt lie around in the place where she lives with his brother, her boyfriend! Of course he spotted it at some point and was in a rage like the devil himself. Check out the subsequent punishment sex scene. Blindfolded with the very same shirt to degrade her even more, the girl was nothing but a guilty toy in his hands. But she knew she had it coming! Stupid Keri took every thrust like absolution.

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Porn as a memory trigger

Rage Story - Porn as a memory trigger - Porn as a memory trigger

It's not very common for chicks to watch porn, right? When the fucker saw his girlfriend like totally staring at the same porn picture for a long time, he knew something was very wrong here. Of course! It's so similar to what he saw her doing with his own brother. The Christina was brazen enough to reminiscence about the horrible thing she did! Well, she deserves some rough stuff then. And look, she's almost asking for it, knowing it's all her fault! The enraged stud just takes her and fucks her ass till it's ruined. They both know this is the right thing to do here.

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A message which ruined things

Rage Story - A message which ruined things - A message which ruined things

It was a peaceful evening but in fact it was the quiet before the storm. The girlfriend's mobile buzzed with a new message. Who could it be? Our stud could not withstand a glance, after all, it was kinda late. Damn it! A sweltering message from his own brother! These two assholes definitely have a story of sin. Desperate, the girl offered a consolation fuck. Little did she know he decided to use it to get back to her with some really, really rough punishment fuck instead. It was so hard, but she did not mind. What guilt can do, huh! Furious, the student covered the slut with cum and some cash, just like a slattern she was.

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The poor pet didn’t do a thing!

Rage Story - The poor pet didn't do a thing! - The poor pet didn't do a thing!

Sometimes it looks innocent but conceals some dirty mystery. Just like this time! Watch the girlfriend play with their pet carelessly. It could have been sweet, if she hadn't had sex with her boyfriend's brother trying to leave the pet at his place while they were away! Memories rushed through the guy's brain, and rage mixed with extreme arousal. The punishment came in the shape of a rough fuck, something she knew she had deserved.

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Wrong use of lover’s picture

Rage Story - Wrong use of lover's picture - Wrong use of lover's picture

You know how silly girls sometimes are. Getting strung and even superstitious about stuff. But you have to watch what you get uneasy about! This girl was an easy target for her jealous boyfriend that one night. He was home from work, really damn tired, and what was she doing? Laying out a game of solitaire with a photo of a man! To make things worse, it was his brother. The pastor went dim in his eyes and the stud turned into a sex beast ready to pound her into guilty sorrow. She knew she did wrong when she slept with his brother, that's why she took this hate fuck with natural obedience.

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Remembering that dirty jog

Rage Story - Remembering that dirty jog - Remembering that dirty jog

When your girlfriend has done something this filthy, you remember it easily. Last time the student was jogging with his gf, they bumped into his brother who tricked her into having sex with him. This time, when the dude sees her getting ready for another bit of running, it triggers the memories of that awful day. Watch as he reclaims his rights and has rough sex with the ashamed slut, fucking those memories out of her nice body. No need to jog after such a nasty fuck, that's for sure!

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